Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thursday -Stratford to York

Again an early start and we were traveling down the Motorway on our way to York. Students and adults completed their scavenger hunts from Stonehenge and Shakespeare's birthplace. While some slept, most watched Shakespeare in Love before our rest stop. Why does Mr. Fingar not want us to see him at McDonalds? Traffic was light and Danny, our coach driver, made good time, and we arrived in York around 11:00. Rooms were ready and with a quick stop to drop off suitcases we were on our way to explore the lovely medieval city.

We entered the walled city through Micklegate Bar and proceeded towards the area known as The Shambles. Lunch and shopping were on the agenda until we met again at 2:30. After a leisurely stroll through the narrow streets, we were greeted with the massive York Minster. It was another photo opportunity and then time to see yet another awe-inspiring cathedral. One of the sculptors must have been confused since he carved the subject's shoes going the wrong way. The workmanship in the Quire is indescribable. Some were still in the Minster when the ornate bells chimed the hour and quarter hours. We saw the dragon's head, the Five Sisters and Jesse's stained-glass windows. It still seems unbelievable that these massive buildings were designed and erected with ramps, pulleys, ropes, and scaffolding. OSHA would have a field day.

With last-minute purchases being made, we wandered back to the hotel and dinner. Some even had a time to shower since all that walking in the sun and heat made us feel a little grubby. Dinner was a buffet tonight with a nice salad bar, and a choice of roast lamb, baked cod, vegetable lasagna, and chocolate cake for dessert.

Hope you're not afraid of ghosts because tonight was the York Ghost Walk. We met Chris at Cliffords Wall and began our stroll through haunted York. Story after story through the alleys of York kept us entertained and sometimes scared. Back to the hotel and bed. Caitlyn, what was in that Starbuck's cup? On to London tomorrow with an 8:00 departure. Looking forward to coach naps.

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