Sunday, April 24, 2011

Saturday - London to Charlotte to Syracuse to Sackets

It was a very short night, but this amazing group of travelers were all ready with time to spare. It was about an hour and fifteen minutes to the airport where we got checked in and said our good-byes to Paola, our most wonderful tour leader. Then on to the gate to await the departure of our flight to the U.S. It has been a wonderful trip and experience for all involved. We had glorious weather, learned so much, shopped, and got a taste of traveling to faraway lands.
Au revoir and cheerio!

The flight home was close to 9 hours, but it was smooth and on time. We caught up on some sleep and watched as many as 4 movies. Some of our wonderfully diligent students also managed to catch up on some homework that was assigned over vacation.
It was a dream to fly into Charlotte. Passport control, luggage claim, and customs were handled in a most efficient way. We had some time there with free WiFi to catch up on email and texts. There were some leftover prizes from all our scavenger hunts/quizzes so students got to choose some new souvenirs.
Another on-time flight brought us to Syracuse where many families were waiting to herald our return. An hour more and the rest of us were home with lots of great memories and hopes to return to Europe again. We have many stories to tell and that will keep the Anglican Adventure alive for many months to come!

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