Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sackets to Syracuse to Philly to Paris

Everyone was so prompt in getting to school this morning at the very early hour of 07:15. Chaperones checked bags and were really amazed at how well our students packed. I think Joan wins the award for most economical packing. Mrs. Esposito was right on the mark with 50.00 pounds. Hope she doesn't buy too much to bring back!

Mr. Hall and Ms. Gaffney delivered some parting words and their expectations for traveling as representatives of SHCS.

It was a quick ride to Syracuse. We checked in quickly and proceeded without any problem through security. There was time for breakfast and some card games before boarding our flight to Philadelphia. It was a small plane and full. The flight was smooth and we arrived 50 minutes later. We arrived at the F terminal and had to make our way to the A terminal. Unfortunately, the shuttle driver didn't make it clear that we were the 2nd stop so we had quite the hike. It was good to exercise our legs.

We had a bit of a layover that gave everyone time for a nice lunch. Thanks, Passports for the treat! Despite the pouring down rain, we departed the gate on time. A bit of delay on the runway, and then takeoff! Flight time was just about 6:35 hours to CDG Airport.

Dinner choices were pasta or chicken and rice, salad, roll, and chocolate cake. Lots of good movies from which to choose. Not sure how we could convince all to get some sleep. But we did not need to.

Arrival into Paris was without event and on time. Paola was a smiling face to meet us and we were off to a busy day. We are all exhausted and so are going to update tomorrow since we have a 5:30 wakeup call!

Bon Soir.

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