Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday in London

It was a theatre day. We started at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre in the Southwark section of London and ended with an electrifying performance of Wicked. In between, we had a very informative tour of Westminster Abbey.
We arrived at the Globe after a tube ride to London Bridge tube during morning rush hour. Everyone is getting to be an expert at navigating the underground. We past the Golden Hinde, Sir Frances Drake's ship. Val was our tour guide and she a great job of explaining how plays were performed in Shakespeare's day. The theatre was buzzing with preparations for the opening of the summer season of performances. We then had some time for viewing the exhibition area.

We had intended to meet Duncan of Jack the Ripper fame and another guide at Westminster Abbey at 13:00. However, we got word that group tours were being suspended after 12:30. So, we walked across the Millennium Bridge and rode the tube from Mansion House to Westminster. Getting off at Westminster afforded a great photo op for pictures of Parliament and Big Ben. We then joined the queue for the Abbey tour. We must have an interesting looking group as Mrs. Woodhouse was selected by a Polish TV station for an interview. During the audio tour we really learned so much about the history of England. It was fascinating to see all the work being done in preparation for the Royal Wedding.

Time for lunch and then back on the tube to Green Park. It was announced that we were to hear a lecture on the British monarchy by Samuel Addimer. Turned out that it was really a chance for the kids to get a chance to shop at the Hard Rock Cafe with some money earned from their group efforts. They also got to go into the vault to view some rock memorabilia.
Dinner was at the Bloomsbury Street Hotel where we had pea and basil soup, roast chicken with green beans, carrots, and mashed potatoes. Dessert was a mixed fruit parfait with some meringue.

Back on the tube to Victoria and the Apollo Victoria Theatre where we thoroughly enjoyed a performance of Wicked.
Chalk up another late night after another warm and sunny day.

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Amy Z said...

I have enjoyed all of your posts so much! Glad you are all having such a magnificent time.